About me

Hey, I’m Will. I’m a freelance software developer currently living in Tennesee. Covid had me flee NYC, where I lived for the last two years. My most recent project has been a B2B ingredient sourcing tool, Gynger. Before that, I was in Boston trying to start up a few different projects for about a year. Even further back, I attended Emory University in Atlanta, where I received a BS in Mathematics & Computer Science. I worked in a few different research labs during undergrad, mostly at the intersection of language and computers (NLP, Speech & Language Perception).

In terms of tech, I’m most familiar with Python and JavaScript. I like React and Django, but I’ve messed around with a lot of other things too. I use Amazon Web Services a lot — so I went ahead and got the the developer associate certification. In general, I really enjoy building things, both programming and iterating on a product.

I have a nagging interest in cryptocurrency as well. I worked for about a year full-time on a automated trading system. I’ve also done a few hackathons, getting an honorable mention at the 2018 MIT Bitcoin Hackathon and winning a category at the 2018 NYC Blockchain Hackathon.

Sometimes I take pictures. Usually with my Nikon D3500 or digital microscope. You can see some of the latter via my hobby instagram 1000xzoom.